Pocketwatches are small wearable clocks

This is an Elgin National Watch Co. 18 size watch. It measures about 2 1/4 inches and is 2/3 inch thick, they weigh as much as a half pound. The watch was worn on a chain usually in a vest pocket.  This watch was made about 1873 and is key wound and set with 13 jewels. Jewels act as bearings providing a hard low friction surface for the gears to turn on. In order to properly service a watch it must be taken apart into 75 or so little pieces to be cleaned and inspected before reassembly. The case is made from coin silver nicely engraved for the original owner.  This watch movement is in a hunter style case which means it has a covered dial. The button below the watch chain ring is pressed allowing the cover to pop open and allow the owner to read the time.